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Petter Andersson

DJ PSON began his carrier in 2011 when he started to play at different local nightsclubs in his hometown. With housemusic closest to his heart and with extreme enthusiasm he is now, four years later, a very promising Producer and DJ. Instagram

Elias Dahlgren

Only a few hours of sleep a night are more of a routine than exception for Dahlgren. Staying up day and nights, all to get to work as much as possible on what he loves most – producing housemusic, witch he has done for two years now. Instagram

New Big House Music

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (February 27, 2014) – Vonairs, the new Big House Music duo, launches their first single entitled, “Fucamo” to their highly expectant and ever growing fan base poised to bring the new track to the forefront of the genre. The duo, composed of Petter Andersson and Elias Dahlgren – otherwise known as DJ PSON and Dalhgren, produces their unique house music mix at their studio in Östermalm, Stockholm.

Vonairs met at Stockholm’s premiere music school SAE Institute in late 2012.  From there the newly trained producers immediately began to create their own progressive and big room house music and poured their creativity into making “Fucamo” their most marketable cut.  The big room track is made up of two “massive drops” that will enliven nightclub and electronic festival crowds worldwide.  Self-described as “two Swedish guys in our early twenties who love to play and produce house music” Dahlgren said of Fucamo, “We live for creating our music and Fucamo is the extension of that”. 

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